Boletim Petróleo, Royalties e Região
Boletim Petróleo, Royalties e Região
ISSN 1980-6310

Author Guidelines

Boletim Petróleo, Royalties e Região accepts collaborations of papers from researchers of areas covered by this journal, with emphasis on Regional and Urban Planning and Development, Demography, social movements, labor, environment, oil industry, port complex and public policies.

Guidelines for paper submission

Papers should be sent directly to the following e-mails: and

From the beginning of 2020, submission will be via the OJS platform.

Open Access Policy

Petróleo, Royalties e Região ‒ BPRR offers open, free and immediate access to its content. Submissions will be free of charge to the authors.

Evaluation Procedures

Papers submitted to Petróleo, Royalties e Região will go through blind peer review, who are referees with expertise in the content addressed in the work. In case of disagreement between them, the work will be referred to a third examiner. Evaluation is double-blinded, since the identities of referees and authors are kept hidden from each other.

The evaluation process of papers by the BPRR usually takes, on average, 3 to 5 months, from submission to receipt by the author(s). From the first evaluation to release, it takes, at most, one year after the final approval of the paper.

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